Head of content and news

Job Title: Head of content and news

Department: Content and news
Reports To: Digital Services Director
Number of direct reports: 8



Manage content team to ensure website content meets the requirements of the

  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) and Scope Of Work (SOW) between Avatar and the client. Brand South Africa and their subsidiaries.
  • Liaise with other departments within Avatar to meet the requirements of the      clients
  •  Project management
  • Copy editing and quality assurance in website content
  • Client liaison
  • HR management
  • Source and produce original, accurate, high-quality articles for client websites
  • This includes:
    • Developing story ideas
    • Researching stories and interviewing article subjects
    • Attending events to cover stories
    • Photography of events and article subjects
    • Writing articles
    • Ensuring all facts in the article are correct
    • Sourcing appropriate photography and graphics
    • Briefing creative team on relevant infographics
    • Sourcing relevant video and podcasts
  • Publish the content on the Brand South Africa websites in accordance with set quality standards.
  • Promote the content on social media channels, when required
  • Attend events as requested by clients
  • Weekly and monthly content planning and reporting
  • Minimum Qualification
    • Degree or diploma

    Essential Experience

    • Five years of project management in website development publishing
    • Five years of HR management
    • Eight years of copy editing and website quality assurance
    • Client liaison
    • Five years of writing and content production for the internet, with a focus on South Africa and current affairs.
      This includes:
      •   Story idea generation
      •   Research
      •   Interviewing story subjects
      •   Reporting on events
      •   Photo research
      •   Photo editing
      •   Video sourcing
      •   Publishing to a web page via a content management system
      •   Promoting content on social media channels


    • Project management
    •  HR management
    • Client liaison
    • Copy editing
    • Website quality assurance
    • Extensive knowledge of the South African and broader African context: history, economy, culture, politics, people
    • Extensive knowledge of current affairs
    • Trends in the internet, web publishing and social media
    • Extensive knowledge of English grammar and usage
    • Extensive knowledge of writing plain and accessible English
    • Essential computer software:
      • Word processing (e.g. Microsoft Word)
      • Photo editing (e.g. IrfanView or Photoshop)
      • Website content management system (CMS) software
    • Basic photography
    • Media ethics
    • Good knowledge of media law, particularly in relation to plagiarism, copyright and defamation

    Skills & Abilities

    • Project management
    • HR management
    • Client liaison
    • Copy editing
    • Website quality assurance
    • Writing for the internet:
      • Clear and accessible language
      • Accurate and factual
      • High quality
      •  Original
    •  Story generation
    • Basic photography
    • Use of tools to run social media for business
    • Essential software – word processing, photo editing and CMS
    • Web-based photo research, particularly in Creative Commons collections
    • Research
    • Interviewing skills
    • Ability to work with others
    • Ability to work independently and take the initiative where necessary
    • Ability to stay abreast of current affairs in South Africa, the rest of Africa and the world
    • Ability to keep up with internet, web publishing and social media trends
    • Creativity and originality

Email to: jobs@avataragency.co.za