What is SEO?

The term SEO has gained momentum over the past few years due to the growth of internet usage and e-commerce worldwide. But what is SEO? SEO which is an abbreviation for search engine optimisation is a process of affecting the visibility of a website in a search engine’s natural search results. Now that we know what SEO is, what is a search engine? Search engine is a software code that is designed to search for information on the World Wide Web. Examples of search engines include Google, Yahoo and many more.

Many business owners know that for their websites to perform well in the search rankings they need some SEO done. To get to the bottom of what SEO is we first have to understand how search engines works.

How do Search Engines Operate?
Search Engines crawl the web looking for content, most in the form of text. They respond to a keyword query a user inputs in the search box and they look in their index for the relevant results that match the key-phrase the user used. The crawling task is performed by a piece of software called the crawler or spider. Search Engines rank websites by using many factors including the page rank, links pointing to the site/web page, social signals and many more. The ranking factors are a big kept secret by most of the search engines so as to avoid manipulation and spamming from SEO practitioners, but it is a combination of the factors mentioned above and many more.
NB Before a site can be ranked by search engines, the site has to be in their index first. The best way to get a site indexed is to submit the site to the major search engines.

Who needs SEO?
Every website needs SEO, irrespective of what it is used for. The logic behind this is that, the moment a website is created then it means there is a message to be conveyed and for it to be accessible it needs to be found online. SEO is needed for a website to reach a level of visibility that is bound to improve online branding. Even if people are coming directly or by referral to a website,it is still needed for the website to be known by the major search engines or otherwise it will be missing all the other potential traffic and customers that are using search engines for their needs.

Who is using SEO?
Most businesses (both small and big) are using SEO to complement their offline marketing efforts and the fact is your offline competitors are also using it. With the increase in people who use internet for their daily activities, it’s not too late to make sure that your business is prominent online.

Whichever way one might explain it, the importance of SEO is forever growing and the sooner brands adopt SEO as a digital marketing strategy the better for their business. There is no other way to being a major online player without adopting SEO, all the other online marketing strategies need SEO to be effective that’s how important SEO is.