5 Tips To Get Your Magnetic Content Marketing Strategy Noticed

Content marketing. Content strategy. Magnetic content. These are all buzzwords that are being thrown around. But, what impact does social media have when it comes to seeding your content and making it even more discoverable?

We all know what Facebook is, and for some it is just another “cute” business tool where you can post funny photos or your uhm… company cat? Then Twitter came along and all of a sudden we are twats?But, what about the rest? What about that ghost town called Google+? Why should I have Google+ if I have Facebook? Cannot compute!

Marketing stretches so much further than making Facebook updates and posting a couple of tweets on Twitter. Doing link-building and creating keyword rich content just to appear at the top of Google’s search results will only get you that far.Making your content POP is what marketing is all about. You want people to talk about your brand or product or even your service.

The key to making your content discoverable is how you go about when sharing your content, and obviously, whom you cater for. I tend to do the following 5 things after I publish a piece of content.

1. Share it on Facebook.

It is a given that your “friends” on Facebook will read your content. Well, it is not always a given. Obviously you have to cater for different crowds. For instance, some of my friends won’t read this article, purely because they can’t relate to this. But other friends that might work in the same industry might read it and even share and comment. Remember, know your target audience.

2. Get the tweets going.

Always tweet out your content. Try to get a relevant hashtag for your topic. If you can’t find one, don’t worry; those tech savvy guys should be able to find your work. You can always mention the people that inspire you and try to get the conversation going.

3. Promote it on the so called Ghost town, Google+.

Most people stop after number one. Some of us continue with step number two. But not everyone shares his or her content on Google+. Want to be seen? Start hitting the plusses! You might feel silly, but you will look like a champ when you outrank your competitors. Give Google a reason to rank you high. Remember, don’t write for computers, but rather write for people. Google loves connection, real content to real people and to real websites.

4. Get a conversation going on LinkedIn.

If you write an industry related article, it is always good to showcase it on LinkedIn. If you are a member of related groups/interests you can get your content seeded within their daily to weekly newsletters. That will surely get the views and comments going. Alternatively, you can always start your own discussion in a group.

5. Create a strong call to action, encouraging your readers to comment.

It is all good if you can get to the end of an article, especially if you have a firm grip on your audience. But what then? Encourage your readers to leave a comment and get the conversation flowing. Not only will you feel good when people leave a comment, but you will increase your time on site and build up new contacts.

These are my 5 ways of getting my content out there to the public, but the opportunities are endless. Make sure you interact with your readers on a regular basis. Remember, don’t neglect Google+. Make sure you have your publisher and author tag sorted out in order to build on your credibility. Now go and let your content be discovered! Please do leave a comment if you have anything else that you can think of adding.