How not to do guest blogging for SEO

After recent comments by Matt Cutts, many SEO and content marketing professionals are rethinking their strategies when it comes to guest blogging as a method of link building. I cannot stress the importance enough that guest blogging is not dead and it will never die. But, guest blogging as a link building method through spammy guest blogging sites is in serious trouble as Google is on the verge of destroying what it calls Guest Blogging Networks.

A prime example of how serious Google is about destroying guest blogging sites is the penalisation of MyGuestBlog. As someone who has followed MyGuestBlog for a while and knowing that they are one of the few reputable guest blogging sites out there, I think MyGuestBlog was used as a scapegoat by Google as a PR stunt and also to send a message that they are serious about fighting guest blogging link schemes.

Google might be in a whipping mood when it comes to guest blogging for links, but it does not mean that content marketing has to stop. There are many ways that content marketing professionals can still take their content to the masses without pissing off Google by writing for low quality guest blogging sites and networks.

Here are some of the few techniques one can utilise to do guest blogging and avoid penalties:

  • Do not write for guest blogging sites
    It is a fact that almost every Tom, Dick and Harry are claiming to be a good guest blogger. This is an opportunity to do it differently by making sure that you write only for top sites that are in your niche, not guest blogging sites. Google is targeting guest blogging sites that are selling guest blogging opportunities and it is important to stay away from those. There are many quality sites/blogs out there that allow selected and quality guest bloggers to write for them and these are the best sites to be a guest blogger on.
  • Focus on quality, not links
    Content quality is the number one rule of guesting blogging for success; that is if you still choose to guest blog even after Google’s clamp down on guest blogging. Quality content is bound to attract attention and social sharing. Google likes content that users love; write quality content that helps and engage users and you will never have to worry about being penalised by Google. It is important to make sure that you do not write for low quality guest blogging sites that sell links, because even if your content is great it won’t survive for long on a guest blogging network.
  • Write for your niche
    Writing for the relevant audience is very important because it is the determining factor of how your content is going to be received. You can write the greatest content out there but if it is going to the wrong audience then you might as well just post it on mamakitchendotblogspotdotcom and all those very low quality blogs. Write for your niche and once again, make sure that the site is credible and not a guest blogging network.

Guest blogging can still be valuable without links and it is high time that content marketers realise that. Just like any other SEO tactic that came before it, guest blogging will never die because the death of guest blogging means the death of online content as we know it and Google is aware of that. Content marketers just need to adjust the way they guest write by following the current guest blogging guidelines and tips and everyone will be happy including the elephant in the room which is Google.