Avastars spent 67 Minutes at Ikageleng Day Care


On Monday 18 July a group of our Avatars from the agency paid a visit to the Ikageleng Day Care centre, found in the heart of Alexandra township which is also known as Alex in short, in celebration of International Nelson Mandela Day.

The township of Alex, just a stone’s throw away from the upper-class suburb of Sandton, forms part of Johannesburg and is rich in the heritage of South Africa, home to some of the country’s most famous names like Barney Mokgatle and having been home to the late Nelson Mandela himself.

Our group spent their 67 minutes, and then some, with the kids at the day care, offering a helping hand to the lovely ladies who take care of the kids as well as learning a few new songs and dances from the bustling youths.

Ikageleng, which is a Tswana term meaning ‘Build it yourselves’ is a Day Care centre very close to the heart of Organiser and Personal Assistant at Avatar Agency, Akhona Qulu.

“From the moment I stepped into Ikageleng Day Care I felt warm inside,” Qulu said. “Little boys and girls filled with so much life and hope will make you feel warm inside on any given day.

“It was a heart-warming experience to spend a few hours with the kids as we played, sang and danced together after lunch.

Qulu explained that she feels that every day should be a Mandela day. “Despite the fact that these kids are underprivileged they have a lot of life within them, proving to be greater than their circumstances.”

It was a day filled with fun, Song and dance. The Avatars were welcomed by a Special song and dance performance by the lively children at the day care.

The performances continued throughout our visit, ranging from party dance songs to special tributes to our freedom fighters during the struggle including a song paying homage to Madiba himself. “It was a very special experience,” Qulu said, recalling the memory still fresh in her mind.

The song and dance took place from the very beginning of the visit, until the very end.

The Avatars themselves were also in a cheerful and giving mood, as they also sang along and danced with the children.

The old and the new met on the dance floor, where they boogied down to classics like the ‘bum jive’. The Avatars also prepared food for the children and gave them each a special party pack to take home to make it a most memorable experience indeed for both parties.

Be that as it may we don’t have to wait until Mandela day to give our minutes to bettering our communities. “To whom much is given, much is also required.”

By Matome Malatji